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Blob Box

Self-Care Period Box That Goes With Your Flow

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Blob Box is a UK based Self-Care Period Box that goes with your flow, where you receive a range of sanitary and pamper products to include into your self-care routine during your menstrual cycle making it more enjoyable.


Q How does Blob Box work?

We offer three boxes according to your flow - light blobber(light flow), medium blobber(medium flow) and heavy blobber(heavy flow) as well as one for a first time blobber.

You will have an option to select your preferred sanitary products to include in your box according to the flow box you have chosen which should last the duration of you being on the blob.

Q How do I determine which flow box is right for me?

Light Blobber Box

You have a light flow or light days on the blob.

Medium Blobber Box

You have a normal flow or heavier days on the blob.

Heavy Blobber Box

You have a medium to heavy flow or heavier days on the blob.

Q What can I expect to see in the box?

The box includes your choice of sanitary products which will come inside a reusable pouch, 5-10 Self-Care products — beauty, snacks and lifestyle to incorporate into your Self-Care routine as well as use for when you are on the blob.

We also aim to support local and small businesses to include into our boxes.

Q I suffer from Endometriosis, will BLOB BOX be beneficial for me?

Our boxes are suitable for everyone and we will occasionally include products in the box or on our website that help ease the pain you get during and after you are on the blob

Q How much will the box cost?

The box prices start from £24.99 which includes FREE Shipping within the UK. Blobbers in the Republic of Ireland will have to pay for an additional shipping cost of £4.90.

Q What Sanitary Products will the box include?

The box includes tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners and menstrual cups from leading and trusted brands.

Q Do you have any offers or promos on your box?

When you sign up to our e-mail list you will receive an exclusive discount code to use on your first box.

We also have a rewards scheme where you can earn and redeem points - receiving birthday gifts, money off your box and more!

We also offer a 10% discount for Students and NHS.

Q Is Blob Box a subscription box?

Yes and No,
Our launch box will be a one time box and we will roll into a subscription box in the new year while also offering you the opportunity to purchase our boxes as a one time box if you prefer not to be tied up in a subscription.