There is a 3 step process to adding your listing.   

This adds extra security so that no-one can claim your business except you.



  1. Click Add Listing and complete the form about your business.   You will receive an email with your username and password – keep these safe.
  2. Your listing will be moderated and you will receive an email confirming it has been published.
  3. Go to your listing on the directory site and click CLAIM NOW complete the form and enter your username and password you were sent.  To validate your claim attach an image of your business card or letterhead and in details confirm your name and what your business does.  You will receive an email confirming your claim has been approved.

Now sign in and enhance your listing with more details, images, announcements and more.   



If you business already has a listing on the directory and it was not created by you and you would like to claim it.   Go to your business listing and click CLAIM NOW complete the form and at the bottom click new user and register.

Once you have claimed your listing remember you can sign in at any time to add changes.



Why do I have to claim my listing?

You don’t!  But to take advantage of all the features and to get your business noticed it is worth spending a few minutes completing the process and making your listing the best it can be.


I’ve logged in to the site and tried to create an announcement why isn’t it working?

Your listing will remain basic until you have claimed your listing and your claim has been approved.  Once approved you can sign in and add announcements, images, videos and more!


I don’t have an image of my business card or letterhead what can I do?

Not a problem.  Complete the form to the best of your ability, load any image relating to your business such as a logo or you at work and complete the rest of the form to the best of your ability.  We will check the claim carefully and may contact you to validate a few things but usually it is not a problem.   We know the area well and the businesses in it.


My details are wrong

Claim your listing using the process above and you can sign in to make any changes you would like.


My business has closed down what do I do?

If you have claimed your listing you can login in and delete the listing or get in touch using the form on Contact Us and we can delete it for you.


My listing has not been approved, why is this?

There are a few reasons why your business is not approved for the site.

+ Leighton-Linslade Directory is for independent businesses based within a 6 mile radius of the Market Cross in the High Street.  If you do not fall within this area you will not be approved.

+ If you are a company that may operate in the area but does not have a base here.

+ You are a franchise and don’t have  franchisee living or operating in this area.


There is another business on here that I know does not meet the directory criteria

We make every endeavour to validate the businesses on the directory but if you are aware of a business that should not be on here use the form on the Contact Us page and set out your reasons and it will be investigated.


Someone else has claimed by listing

Use the form on the Contact Us page to get in touch and give us details and we will investigate this for you.


How Can I Improve My Listing

Use Announcements to create a link to your website.  Be sure to include a compelling call to action – “Get this offer now”  and use the link buttons.   

Create coupon codes and suggest people use the form now to contact you.

Adapt your contact form to be more personal to you.

Use FAQs to draw attention to the great features you offer.  Create a question that highlights something good you do.